Bloch modes in periodic waveguides

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Bloch modes in periodic waveguides.

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Additional information

Open with Gmsh. The model will automatically compute the band diagram of Figure 3.16, p. 152 of Foundations Of Photonic Crystal Fibres[1], using a finite element formulation with Floquet-Bloch conditions[2]. You can double-click on any point in the diagram to visualize the corresponding eigenmode, even while the calculation is running.


  1. F. Zolla, G. Renversez, A. Nicolet, B. Kuhlmey, S. Guenneau, D. Felbacq, Foundations Of Photonic Crystal Fibres, Imperial College Press, 2005.
  2. A. Nicolet, S. Guenneau, C. Geuzaine, F. Zolla, Modelling of electromagnetic waves in periodic media with finite elements, Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 168 (1), 321-329, 2004.

Model developed by A. Nicolet, F. Zolla and C. Geuzaine.