Electromechanical relay

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2D model of an electro-mechanical relay.

Download model archive (relay.zip)
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Additional information

This is a 2D model of a linear actuator [1][2]. It comprises a yoke, two permanent magnets, two coils and a mover. The yoke and the mover are made of iron. Eddy currents in the magnets and in the laminated yoke and mover are neglected. The permanent magnets constitute a magnetic lock that keeps the mover either in the upper or lower position tending to diminish the residual airgap. The mover is moved down or up by applying a voltage pulse to one of the coils. The commutation is facilitated by two springs.

To run the example, simply open relay.pro in Gmsh.


  1. R. V. Sabariego, J. Gyselinck, C. Geuzaine, P. Dular, W. Legros, Application of the fast multipole method to the 2D finite element-boundary element analysis of electromechanical devices, COMPEL: The International Journal for Computation and Mathematics in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 22(3):659-673, 2003.
  2. R. V. Sabariego, The fast multipole method for electromagnetic field computation in numerical and physical hybrid systems, Ph.D. thesis, University of Liège, 2004.

Model developed by R. Sabariego.