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Xylophone bar magnetometer.

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Additional information

This is a 3D, multiphysics model of a MEMS magnetometer, coupling electromagnetic (electrokinetic), mechanichal (elastic) and thermal models. To run the model, open with Gmsh.

When an alternating current flows through it, the magnetometer starts to vibrate if it is placed in a magnetic field. The amplitude of the vibration can be used to measure the magnetic field. To increase sensitivity, the frequency of the current is tuned to excite a resonant mode of the xylophone-type structure. Several analyses are predefined: uncoupled modal analysis of the structure (Eigenmodes) and calculation of the current flow (Electrokinetics), static and dynamic electro-mechanical analysis (Electro-mechanical), and coupled electro-thermal analysis (Electro-thermal).

Model developed by V. Rochus, I. Niyonzima, C. Geuzaine.