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Onelab/Mobile is available for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android:

Onelab/Mobile contains Gmsh and GetDP and runs all computations locally on your mobile device.

Running pre-packaged models

A list of available models appears when you launch Onelab/Mobile. Selecting a model will load it. You can then select Run to launch a simulation with the default set of parameters. To change parameters, select Parameters.

Installing new models

To install a new model, you must first bundle its inside a directory, which should contain a file named infos.xml with the model information: <syntaxhighlight lang="xml" enclose="div"> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <models>

   <title>Your model title</title>
   <summary>Your model summary</summary>
   <file type="pro"></file>
   <preview type="png">your_128x128_pixel_screenshot.png</preview>

</models> </syntaxhighlight> (See e.g. Inductor or Waveguides.)

The model directory must be compressed as a ZIP archive. It can then be opened directly on your device (e.g. through iCloud or Safari on iOS, or through Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. on Android).

Installing beta versions of Onelab/Mobile

Please send an email to if you want to become a Onelab/Info beta-tester.

Compiling Onelab/Mobile

The Onelab/Mobile source code is available in the Gmsh SVN repository {{#tip-info: Login and password: gmsh}}. Build scripts are provided for iOS (requires a Mac with Xcode >= 6) and

Android (requires Android SDK >= 14 and the Android NDK).