Lin Ji jil at
Fri May 25 18:22:44 CEST 2001

Hi, Christophe,
    We talked to Jean-Francois about the multiple wave fronts thing. It turns
out we misinterpreted the result shown by gmsh. What we saw are the contour
level sets of the wave. When Jean-Francois showed us the wave in 3-D, it is
exactly what we expected. It is pretty nice. I like it.
    Now there is one step away for us to use the data computed by 'getdp' in
our project. That is to export the data to the format we want. Is there an
available format that stores the solution in a 3-D array, say U where
U(i,j,k) is the value of the solution at t(i), y(j), x(k) and t(i) = i*dt,
(y(j), x(k)) is the node of a uniform rectangular meshing, i.e. y(j) = ymin +
j*dy, x(k) = xmin + k*dx?  Thanks.


Dept. of Math., RPI

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