run getdp backstage

Lin Ji jil at
Tue Jun 12 14:35:56 CEST 2001

Hi, Christophe,
    I tried to run getdp backstage. It works fine and output the results to
'test.res'. However, there is a little problem redirecting the screen output
to a file. I used '>' to redirect the screen output of processing info to a
file as follows

/personal/research/proj_rep/wave2D (11) ../../getdp-0.821/getdp test -pre
'Wave_t_ex' -cal -pos 'u' > output &

But, the output info still goes to the terminal and in the end the
postprocessing did not write the file 'u.pos' as it is supposed to. Am I
doing it the right way?

Best wishes,


Dept. of Math., RPI

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