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Lin Ji jil at
Thu Jun 28 02:51:52 CEST 2001

Dear Christophe,
    I want to get back to a discussion we had earlier this month about
post-processing data format and the -split flag. Sometimes, I do need to store
the result at so many time steps e.g. in the case of high frequency source. If
the -split flag only makes the result stored in seperate files for each time
step I want to record, there would be too many files (e.g. 2000 in one of my
example). In fact, the data file .res is so big (2.1G) that my current
computer (512 M) can not postprocessing it. So, maybe you can update the
program so that the user can ask how many files they want to split. Better
yet, the result is still stored in one big file. But, the program can read the
result piece by piece and postprocessing one piece at a time. 
    Another suggestion, it would be great for solving large size time evolving
equations if the program can be suspend in the middle of a computation and
resumed later to continue. 

Best regards,


Dept. of Math., RPI

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