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Thu Oct 4 09:46:27 CEST 2001

It seems that my previous mail was cut a little therefore I send it

Currently I am looking for methods in order to estimate the influence
of a soft iron and mu metal shileding  on the magnetic field generated
by a toroidal superconducting magnet. I already have a computed map
of this field in a source free region filled by air.  I would like to
within this region, some tubes made of soft iron and/or mu-metal and
be able to compute the resulting magnetic field in the air contained in
the tube hole as well as in the air surrounding the tube. The dimensions

of the tubes are small compared to the diemnsions of the map.
As I am not yet a GetDP user, I am wondering if this program is an
appropriate tool for such a study and if this is the case, could anybody

provide me with some hints on how to start.
Thanks a lot for any clues,


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