[Getdp] PML example

Lin Ji jil at rpi.edu
Mon Dec 17 18:01:07 CET 2001

Hi, Christophe,
    I have been trying to understand the PML example you posted on the list.
I can see the general idea of PML and your formulation. But I think I need
more information in order to precisely interpret every detail of your

1. Can you first describe how the domain and the PML is assembled in your
example? What does Vol, Vol_C, Vol_S, Sur and pml in the definition of the
function epsilon[pml] refer to respectively?

2. What are the functions J_s[] and NxH[]? It seems they are related to the
source of the equation? But, why is there a Dt operation in front of them?

   Can you post some reference on PML for acoustic or elastic wave equation?
I have the original paper by Jean-Pierre Berenger. It is for Electromagnetic
waves. Thanks for your help.

Lin Ji

Dept. of Math., RPI
518-276,6904 (work)

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