[Getdp] PML example

Lin Ji jil at rpi.edu
Mon Dec 24 17:35:35 CET 2001

Hi, Christophe,
    First, wish you a Merry Christmas. Please take your time to answer my
question. Don't let it ruin your holiday.

    In your PML example for the acoustic equation, does the solution become
complex because of the complex transformation? I have been reading paper on
PML. I can now understand the split field idea introduced by Jean-Pierre

    In the case of acoustic equation, it augments the scalar field into a
vector field. I wrote out the 1st order PDE system (4 equations in 2D case)
for the PML layer. I don't know how to write it back into a 2nd order scalar
wave equation. It seems the complex transformation is the key to collapse it
back to a scalar field but with complex value now. Is my understanding
correct? Does it mean we need more storage (double or 4 times?) for the
solution if we implement PML?

    Another question, is the Form1P a vector field? Is the operation d e
equivalent to the Curl operation on a vector field if e is a Form1P vector

    Thank you.


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