[Getdp] Working with gmsh and getdp

Víctor Eduardo Cardoso victorc at cimat.mx
Wed Jan 19 21:05:21 CET 2011

My name is Víctor Cardoso, I'm student of Computing and Industrial
Mathematics Master at CIMAT <http://www.cimat.mx/> (Guanajuato, Mexico),
Nowdays I'm working in several problems of solid deformation with finite
elements and I would like to work with gmsh and getdp, everybody here uses
GID <http://gid.cimne.upc.es/>, but I don't like privative software and I'm
very interested in learn how to use the software taht you has been creater.
Could you help me with some documentation?
I already read all the manuals published in getdp and gmsh sites, I see the
videos and I watch some examples, but the learning curve is a little steep.
Thankyou for the software!

PD: I'm trying to simulate a Truck with a lot of weight, I want to know wich
materials do I have to use to build it, light materials to support o lot of
load without increase the total weight of the truck.
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