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Hi Juliana,

sorry for the late reply.
Because your question concerns GetDP it would be better to write to the GetDP mailing-list (getdp at geuz.org).

The equations in the Formulation-part of the GetDP input file are the partial differential equations in weak
form. They are derived from the PDEs in strong form (the form which more people are familiar with).

Here are some links to interesting pages with this topic:


And here you'll find a very good video lecture from MIT:
"Mathematical Methods for Engineers II" 
Lecture 23 of 29 - Calculus of Variations / Weak Form

I hope you find it helpful. 

Kind regards,
Michael Asam

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Good Afternoon!

In an electrostatic problem in the formulation of the exercise was described in
the following expression:

Equation {
Galerkin {[epsr[] * Dof {d v} {d v}]; In Vol; Jacobian Vol; Integration Int;}
GlobalTerm {[Dof {Q-} / eps0, {V}]; In Grouped;}

I began studying the GetDP did not understand how to get this 
[epsr[] * Dof {d v} {d v}] and [-Dof {Q} / eps0, {V}].

How to develop the equations in GetDP?
GetDP solve various kinds of applications such as development.


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