[Getdp] Electro-thermal simulation with a RLC-network

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Hi Nout,

of course it's possible to combine it with a thermal simulation. In fact it's quite easy.
I just quickly extended the example for doing such an electro-thermal simulation.
Please find the file attached.
The thermal material parameters are arbitrarily chosen, just to see some temperature
variation in this simulation time-frame.
You can also create a body around the cubes in Gmsh and include it in the simulation.

Best regards,

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Is it possible to extend this example to cube resistors that are electro thermal simulated, thus representing the self heating of the resistor, and with the resistor cubes enclosed by a material with fixed thermal conductivity?

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Hi all,

in the Wiki I've inserted two new examples regarding the usage of an electrical circuit (netlist).

The first one (SimpleResistiveNetwork) is a static simulation showing the implementation of a simple resistive circuit with
voltage- and current-sources:

The second one (SimpleRLCnetwork) is a transient simulation with also an inductor and a capacitor in the network:

Please let me know if there are further questions / remarks (or if you find it helpful ;-).

Best regards,

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