[Getdp] Gmsh => Error : The solver interface requires FLTK 1.3

Olivier Castany castany at quatramaran.ens.fr
Sun Dec 4 18:53:12 CET 2011

> Hi Olivier - Can you download the latest nightly build and give it a try? (We are rewriting the solver interface from scratch to allow for more greater flexibility, e.g. to monitor and change client parameters on the fly.)

Thanks for your answer. I downloaded:

Then, when I ran Gmsh (on a file 'scatpar.geo', for example) and clicked on
"Solver > GetDP", the following message was displayed:
"Info : Calling '/home/castany/scatpar.pro scatpar.pro -onelab
/home/castany/.gmshsock2 &'"
After a few seconds waiting, I got:
"Error   : Socket listening timeout (on socket '/home/castany/.gmshsock2')"
A window opened, but I couldn't manage to run GetDP from it.

I went back to an older version of Gmsh in order to have a working behavior
again (http://geuz.org/gmsh/bin/Linux/gmsh-2.5.0-Linux.tgz).

Best regards,


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