[Getdp] Gmsh => Error : The solver interface requires FLTK 1.3

Olivier Castany castany at quatramaran.ens.fr
Sun Dec 4 22:09:20 CET 2011

> Can you try with these ?
> http://geuz.org/gmsh/bin/Linux/gmsh-nightly-Linux.tgz
> http://geuz.org/getdp/bin/Linux/getdp-svn-Linux32c.tgz

It works, cool :-)

> These should have the brand new solver interface. Try e.g. to load getdp/demos/test.geo, then go to the solver module.

I notice something that may be wrong: 

When I click "Compute" in the new "ONELAB GetDP Gmsh" interface, the mesh is 
calculated and displayed even if a former mesh file is already present in the 
working directory. I believe the mesh should not be recalculated if it is
already available and it should not be displayed in this case (as in the 
previous version).

Best regards and thanks for your great work


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