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Tue Aug 8 10:48:09 CEST 2000

Evans wrote:
> Christophe,
> I am looking over the gmsh code.  I have one question.  GetDP is supposed to
> handle "generic" problems, not just electromagnetism.  I want to model a
> piezo-electric device which means that I require a *deforming* mechanical model
> of the crystal with a coupled electromagnetic model of the current on the
> metallization.  Can GetDP handle the mechanical deformations?

I have a collegue working on this.

> The last Gmsh build for windows that I have is called by three different version
> numbers.  When it launches, 1.0.0.  When one enters, the window says 2.1.1.
> When I click "About" I see 0.93.
> This version is semi-stable but fails on all "//" comments which I therefore
> wrote a program to transform into "/* */" comments.
> Mainly right now I want to know about the piezoelectric problem and mechanical
> deformations.

Did you manage to compile the Unix version on Windows with the cygnus

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