GMSH on SGI running IRIX 6.5

Makky S. Jaya jaya at
Mon Mar 20 16:03:47 CET 2000

Christophe Geuzaine wrote:
> No: the definition of sets of elements (e.g. for boundary conditions) is
> done thanks to the 'Physical' entity mechanism (see e.g. 'ex01.geo').
> The post-processing menu permits to visualize computed results (3D
> scalar or vector fields), and is completely independent from the mesh
> generator (try 'gmsh ex01 view01.pos' in the demo directory).

Thank you Christope (call me Makky) for the today course with GMSH :-)
It seems, I can work with GMSH. Just as addtional info to you, under
Linux, gmsh-Linux works very well even with the option '-noov'. Both
options with or without '-noov' work OK. So it would maybe better if
you let the GMSH version for Linux as it is now.

May meet you again in the next.

My best

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