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"Landrø, Stig" Stig.Landro at
Mon Jul 3 09:30:25 CEST 2000

> Hello Christophe
	I have some additional comments concerning my Gmsh 2d meshing
problems. When I did som tests with the Gmsh Windows NT version 0.93, I
found that the occurence of memory access violations depended on both the
direction of rotation of the surface loop, and the grid size that were set
for the points. If the size at one point was set larger than the distance
between the points, the grid would be generated OK for one rotational
direction of the loop. For the other rotational direction of the loop, a
memory access violation would occur. When I set a grid size smaller that the
distance between the points, Gmsh would not crash, but the generated mesh
was different for the two surface loop rotational directions. I have not
tested this with the latest Linux version, but there could be a similar
problem. I have not seen crashes when surface meshing with the Linux
version, but some of the surface meshes have looked strange with some grid
points far away from the actual surface. 

	Best regards,
	Stig Landrø

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