[Gmsh] Mesh problem

Christophe Geuzaine c.geuzaine at ulg.ac.be
Fri Feb 11 16:56:58 CET 2005

BAILLY Christophe wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a problem for the creation of mesh. In the file ".geo" herewith at
> the time of the mesh creation, whith GMSH v1.59, the elements aren't created
> in the file ".msh". Whereas whith the version 1.44, the elements are
> created. It seems the problem comes with the definition of physical
> entities...???

Hello Christophe - It's a consequence of a correction introduced in 
version 1.54. Before version 1.54, the second argument in the "Layers" 
command was (mistakenly) ignored for point and line extrusions. (This 
second argument permits to force region numbers for the extruded 
elements instead of using the default, automatically generated numbers.)

There are two ways to update your file:

1) remove the second Layers argument (and Gmsh will simply use the
default region number), i.e., replace

Layers { {2}, {2}, {1} }


Layers { {2}, {1} }

2) if you want to specify the number by hand, change your Physical
Surface definition to use that number, i.e., replace

Physical Surface(1012) = {5};


Physical Surface(1012) = {2};

Take care,


Christophe Geuzaine
Applied and Computational Mathematics, Caltech
geuzaine at acm.caltech.edu - http://geuz.org

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