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Jonas Forssell jonasforssell at yahoo.se
Sun May 1 10:29:03 CEST 2005

In Impact (impact.sf.net), we use the number of the physical attribute as a code for the properties. No changes to the .msh file format is used.
Check out the User manual and example that comes with Impact for more information.

Fabio Sacconi <sacconi at ing.uniroma2.it> skrev::

Hi to everybody,
I'm trying to use GMSH to do some finite elements calculations of 
I'm using a C++ code which can handle universal .unv mesh 
file format.
My question is : is it possible , with GMSH, to associate 
physical data and properties (such as material label, temperature 
values ) to the nodes of the mesh ?
I know that .unv format allows something similar (dataset 2414).


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