[Gmsh] gmsh refuse de mailler

Christophe Geuzaine c.geuzaine at ulg.ac.be
Thu May 12 17:49:55 CEST 2005

Yves Krähenbühl wrote:
> Cher Monsieur,
> Généralement gmsh fonctionne très bien chez moi dans les cas simples 2D, 
> cependant dans l'exemple suivant il refuse de mailler
> (voir fichiers .gmsh-errors et .geo ci-joints)

When you specify more than one line loop in the definition of a surface,
the line loops following the first one are supposed to be the boundaries
of holes in the surface. In your example, you have four nonconnected
surfaces, so you should change the last two lines in your file from

Plane Surface(1)={2,1,3,4};
Physical Surface(1)={1};


Plane Surface(1) = {1};
Plane Surface(2) = {2};
Plane Surface(3) = {3};
Plane Surface(4) = {4};
Physical Surface(1)={1,2,3,4};



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