[Gmsh] Surface numbering from extrude

Christophe Geuzaine cag32 at case.edu
Tue Nov 15 04:39:56 CET 2005

Manav Bhatia wrote:
> Hi
>   For the following input,
> Point(10) = {0,0,0,.1};
> Extrude Point {10,{1,0,0}};
> Extrude Line {1, {0,1,0}};
> For a surface made from extrusion of a line, the surface number  
> should ideally be the number obtained from 'newl'. (This is the  
> procedure for point and surface extrusions  to get line and volume  
> respectively). Hence the surface number for the file given above  
> should be 1. However, I get the number as 5. I tried similar  
> examples, and found that the surface number is obtained as 'newl'. Is  
> this a bug?
> How are surfaces numbered for surfaces made from line extrusions?

We keep this numbering for backward compatibility with old .geo files. 
To get the new (more "natural") numbering, just add


at the beginning of your model or in your option file.

Still, usually it's better to use the numbers returned by the commands 
themselves. See e.g. tutorial/t2.geo or tutorial/t3.geo.

> Thanks
> Manav
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