[Gmsh] 3D Meshing of Rotated and Translated Surfaces/Volumes

Tirado, Cesar ctirado at utep.edu
Tue Dec 20 06:19:27 CET 2005

To Whom It May Concern:


I would like to ask you what am I doing wrong when creating a 3D Mesh.  I am attaching the text file that I use for input to GMSH.  Once, read the file by GMSH, a model can be seen consisting on three sections, with three layers (volumes) each.  This model is created as follows: a first section is created, located on the left hand side, and then is replicated twice: the middle one is the first section rotated, the right hand side one is the first section translated to the point where it lies next to the middle one.  When meshing the whole model, the mesh generator creates a 3D mesh only for the first section (the left hand side one), as well as for the top layer of the other two sections.  However, in the other layers of these sections, only a 2D mesh is generated.  I've created further sections (a third and a fourth, a fifth and a sixth, always in pairs) and setting them next to the second and third sections (to the right of the last one), by translating the second and third sections (not the first one); and I find that the 3D mesh is performed ok on the newly created sections, while leaving the second and third with a 2D mesh only.   I wonder if there is a problem in the compatibility of the sharing faces of the volumes.  Why is that so?  Thanks...


Cesar Tirado

Center for Transportation Infrastructure Systems

University of Texas at El Paso

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