[Gmsh] Metis in gmsh

George Karypis karypis at cs.umn.edu
Tue Jan 5 15:27:06 CET 2010


Distributing metis as part of Gmsh in FreeBSD is fine with me.


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On 02/01/10 06:00, Stephen Montgomery-Smith wrote:
> Hi,
> I am the maintainer of the FreeBSD port of gmsh. I see that Metis has
> been included in the code. What are the license terms of using Gmsh with
> Metis? I found your email addresses in the source code, but I couldn't
> find much detail about the license terms.

Hi Stephen - Metis is not distributed under an open source license. 
However, George Karypis allowed us to distribute Metis along with Gmsh 
(cf. gmsh/contrib/Metis/README.txt).

Gmsh is distributed under the GNU GPL, with an exception to handle 
precisely this case (cf. gmsh/doc/LICENSE.txt)

Gmsh is provided under the terms of the GNU General Public License
(GPL) with the following exception:

   The copyright holders of Gmsh give you permission to combine Gmsh
   with code included in the standard release of TetGen (from Hang Si),
   Netgen (from Joachim Sch"oberl), Chaco (from Bruce Hendrickson and
   Robert Leland at Sandia National Laboratories) and METIS (from
   George Karypis at the University of Minnesota) under their
   respective licenses. You may copy and distribute such a system
   following the terms of the GNU GPL for Gmsh and the licenses of the
   other code concerned, provided that you include the source code of
   that other code when and as the GNU GPL requires distribution of
   source code.

   Note that people who make modified versions of Gmsh are not
   obligated to grant this special exception for their modified
   versions; it is their choice whether to do so. The GNU General
   Public License gives permission to release a modified version
   without this exception; this exception also makes it possible to
   release a modified version which carries forward this exception.

End of exception.



> Thanks, Stephen

Prof. Christophe Geuzaine
University of Liege, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science