[Gmsh] Geometry error

Sang-Yeop Chung sychung at yonsei.ac.kr
Fri Jan 15 02:20:30 CET 2010

Dear, gmsh developer

Hi, When I loading the geometry that I made,

the error message is represented as follows:

Info    : Reading
Error   : Plane surface 117 (0.750802x+-0.638977y+0.167345z+0.317817=0) is
not plane!
Error   : Control point 2591 = (0.7877,0.581,0.5835), val=-9.61745e-06
Error   : Plane surface 129 (0.467793x+-0.0218669y+-0.883568z+0.0946044=0)
is not plane!
Error   : Control point 3782 = (0.7571,0.6281,0.2782), val=1.83607e-05
Error   : Plane surface 1155 (0.644102x+0.76073y+-0.0801381z+0.531802=0) is
not plane!
Error   : Control point 2206 = (0.2334,0.5204,0.1792), val=5.5143e-05
Info    : Read
Info    : Writing

But when i meshing it using 3D delaunay, it works (it can meshing it)

what is the problem?? what is the meaning of that error and how can i fix

I also attached my .geo file

Thank you


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