[Gmsh] GMSH and buildings-wind interaction

Kubicek Bernhard Bernhard.Kubicek at ait.ac.at
Thu Feb 11 10:17:54 CET 2010

Ansa (http://www.beta-cae.gr/ansa.htm)  is a great tool for creating windflow-meshes around buildings.
90% of Workload is fixing Autocad mistakes, object simplification, and stuff like that. 
Gmsh is not really designed for that.

However, for simple models, gmsh is superior, as the learning curve is much better.
Also, if you have a good cluster and want to trade of computation time from manual time, spider is an option:
it does automatic geometry simplification, but can currently only handle one air volume . Meshes are not that cute, but hey, more coffee-time...

We do building flows on a regular basis, meshsizes of 20 million cells, with an enviromental radius of up to 1000m including all neighboring buildings...

Bernhard Kubicek
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Electric Energy Systems

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I would like to know if gmsh is suitable to model the wind flow around a building? Does it have a limit on the number of cell? What file format can be imported?
Many thanks
Best Regards

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