[Gmsh] use extruded lines to define new surfaces

julien hoessler julien.hoessler06 at imperial.ac.uk
Thu Feb 18 20:32:22 CET 2010

Good afternoon,
I am trying to generate an hybrid mesh with a layer of prisms on a  
wall (one of the faces). I can find out using visibility/tree browser  
the id of the surfaces/lines generated by extrusion. Now I need to set  
up the faces on the borders of my domain that go between the edges of  
the extrusion and the opposite edges(the face on the foreground on the  
picture attached), but I can't use the extruded lines (cannot be  
selected). It makes sense since they are mesh lines rather than  
geometry lines, but is there any way to convert them into geometry  
lines? I could translate the lines but I'm using the extrude command  
to generate the prisms and the extrusion is normal to the surface so  
it won't match. I'm attaching a png image showing the lines of my  
extruded layer and the lines defining the remaining of the box. And if  
I set the lateral faces using the lines of the surface to be extruded,  
I obviously get to superposed meshes, 4 layers of quads and triangles  
connected to the same nodes
Best regards
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