[Gmsh] Post-processing: Assigning a single view to display scalar andvector data.

Mark Starnes mark.starnes at fttech.co.uk
Wed Mar 31 17:52:33 CEST 2010

Hi everyone,

I have data I would like to display with gmsh, consisting of pressure (a
scalar) and structural displacement (a vector).  Currently, I'm
displaying the pressure and displacement as separate views and merging
them together by pressing the two post-processing view buttons.  This is
`clunky' though and a pain to perform when there are many different
frequency results to run though. 

I'm wondering if it's possible to lump the displacements (real and
imaginary and three components) and the pressures (real and imaginary
but one component) into a single view.  Experiments so far are failing
for me......

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Best regards,

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