[Gmsh] binary file format - fortran

Hossein Talebi talebi.hossein at gmail.com
Wed May 5 08:46:37 CEST 2010


First of all thank you for developing and supporting gmsh.

In short, I have a finite element code in Fortran and I try to use gmsh as
post processor. I tried dumping files in ASCII format and gmsh was able to
recognize the dumped file and showed the mesh.

However, I have problems dumping the Binary format and gmsh cannot read my
file, or recognize the data structure.
I think there is something wrong with integer/real/double precision data.

I use FORTRAN and all my integers have 4 bytes. The real( double precision)
have 8 bytes.

In the $MeshFormat I then have to write 20 bytes  (version_number=2.1 (8),
file_type(4),data_size=8 (4) and one_binary=1(4)). However, gmsh cannot
recognize the binary input.

Please help. I could be perfect you if I can see some samples done with
Fortran. Thank you.

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