[Gmsh] Node sets / groups

Olivier DESLANDES deslandesolivier at orange.fr
Tue May 18 10:44:55 CEST 2010


I try several things with GMSH and i am very happy to work with it.

However, I don't find how defining node "physical groups" and writing it in a file.
I kwnow how to define physical groups and writing it in file (i have defined "Physical Surface" and mesh with "Mesh 2;" then save with "Save "gmsh_model.msh";", so I have the numbers of my "physical surface" for elements but not for nodes).

I have tried with .msh, .bdf and . med format and the physical group numbers appear for elements but not for nodes. I need these number for nodes also.

Can you help me ?

Thanks you,

Best regards,

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