[Gmsh] Fwd: Khamsin, a Google Sketchup plugin for CFD modeling: version v0.2 available

Billy Araujo billyaraujo at gmail.com
Thu May 20 20:26:20 CEST 2010

The Khamsin development team is happy to announce the release of
Khamsin version 0.2.
Khamsin is a plugin extension of Google Sketchup which will aim to
provide an integrated environment to conduct CFD analysis. Khamsin
interacts with the existing third-party software Gmsh and OpenFVM for
meshing, analysis and post-processing purposes. The long term goal of
Khamsin is to become an integrated CFD package tailored for the
building environment (wind studies, indoor air quality, thermal
comfort), using 3D environment already in use by architectural
The improvement of Khamsin version 0.2 includes:

Automatic selection of the Sketchup select tool when setting boundary
Improved geometry analysis tool;
Specify output frequency;
Introduction of gravity option (not validated); and
Ability to view mesh and results from within Sketchup - unfortunately
the approach is currently very slow and it has been limited to case
with less than 30,000 control volumes.

The short term development plan is to improve on the mesh and results
aspects (speed, memory/bandwidth, ease of use). These improvements
will be made available as patch to version 0.2.
Due to its current limitation, the release will only be publicly
announced when these improvements are implemented and available.
More information and downloads are available at Khamsin.
Please register your interest here.
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Julien de Charentenay, on behalf of the Khamsin development team
Julien de Charentenay
Khamsin, a Sketchup Plugin for Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling

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