[Gmsh] Question regarding the restrict field‏ with volumes

Stéphane Blanchet stephane.blanchet at esstin.uhp-nancy.fr
Fri May 21 13:00:08 CEST 2010

Dear support and users,

I am writing to you because I still don't know how to use the Restrict Field with volumes.
I have just tried on a simple geometry: two cubes connected by a common face. The purpose is to only use the "MathField" field on one volume.
Using the restrict field with surfaces is not a problem, but it is when using with volumes. I know I can do in a different way to obtain this result, 
but I just want to understand how this field works this volumes.
Can someone help me with this problem?

Here is the geo file:

//Creation of the cubes
Line(1) = {2, 1};
Line(2) = {1, 4};
Line(3) = {4, 3};
Line(4) = {3, 2};
Line Loop(5) = {2, 3, 4, 1};
Ruled Surface(6) = {5};
Extrude {0, 0, 1} {
Extrude {0, 0, 1} {

Field[1] = MathEval;
Field[1].F = "0.1";

Field[2] = Restrict;
Field[2].IField = 1;

//I use the restrict field on surfaces, and it works
//Field[2].FacesList = {45,41,50,49,37,28};

//I use the restrict field on the volume, and Gmsh does not take into account the restrict field.
Field[2].RegionsList = {2};

Background Field = 2;

Any idea would be very helpful
My Best Regards,


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