[Gmsh] deformed finite elements

Geordie McBain gdmcbain at freeshell.org
Mon Jun 21 08:19:16 CEST 2010

2010/6/17 Marios Papadopoulos <mariospapa2008 at gmail.com>:
> hi Geordie!
> Yes, i knew this feature of gmsh... but this isn't the solution for my
> problem. I want to visualise the deformed mesh with outlines for each
> element....and not the whole deformed body with a countour data plot on it!
> I want to see only the deformed shape of elements with lines. I can see
> this, only when i shrink the elements using a factor<1... when the shrinking
> factor is equal to 1, the lines disappear.... but i want to see those lines!
> Is it more clear now?

Have you ticked Options/View[0]/Visibility/Draw element outlines?  I
think you want to do that, probably while hiding the undeformed mesh.
It also has the keyboard shortcut Alt-e and possibly the script option
View[0].ShowElement, though I didn't test the last yet.