[Gmsh] Anisotropy and refinement

Laurent Michel laurent.michel at epfl.ch
Mon Jun 21 13:07:38 CEST 2010


I've been using gmsh for some time now (but very basically), and there 
is a couple of things I'd like to have a few hints for, if possible.

First, I want to mesh a glacier. For this, I mesh its bed by hand. I 
don't care about its surface, because I am solving a free surface 
problem, hence I mesh a bit more than the actual glacier. The shape of 
the top of the mesh (I am referring to the part at the top of the 
glacier surface) can be whatever, I don't care. However, I'd like to get 
an anistropic mesh. How can I do that?

Second, I am doing parallel simulations, and I'd like to refine my mesh 
in a certain way. For instance, I'd like to exactly double the amount of 
nodes of my mesh. How do you do that with gmsh? There is a command 
refine, but it doesn't do that, as far as I have understood.



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