[Gmsh] Problem with a multiblock mesh

Felix Salazar felix.a.salazar at gmail.com
Fri Jun 25 23:38:27 CEST 2010

I created a simple mesh to test a finite element model in a CFD code. I
wanted to test in my formulation for tetrahedral elements, in a simple
poiseuille flow. I build a circular cylinder, and added volumes near the
wall, so I could mesh them with a transfinite algorithm and have a
refinement near the wall. However, my solution is not good. I am having a
sink of mass within my numerical domain, and I think that in some of my
volumes (I group all of them at the end in one physical volume), the
numbering of the nodes is different that in the others, so I have negatives
cell volumes, and negative jacobians for the elements. There is a way to
check this within Gmsh? Calculate the cell volumes, or the jacobians for the
elements. If I identify the problematic region, I think I could fix it
changing the sign of that region in the Physical Volume command. Am I right?

I am attaching my geometry script


Félix Salazar
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