[Gmsh] sphere created in Salome produces empty mesh

Jean-Francois Remacle jean-francois.remacle at uclouvain.be
Thu Jul 8 15:11:38 CEST 2010

can you send us the brep ?
Le 08-juil.-10 à 12:36, Jan Schmitz a écrit :

> Dear all,
> I am trying to mesh a sphere that I have created in Salome and saved  
> in either BREP,STL,STEP or IGES format.
> Opening any of those geometries in Gmsh shows nothing, except for  
> the STL format which shows a surface triangular representation of  
> the sphere. Is this expected behaviour?
> Running any of these commands produces empty meshes or error messages:
> gmsh -3 Sphere_1.brep
> gmsh -3 Sphere_1.stl
> gmsh -3 Sphere_1.step
> gmsh -3 Sphere_1.iges
> Is the reason that a sphere has no edges? If yes, what steps are  
> required to save geometries with spherical boundaries in Salome and  
> to create a 3D tetrahedral mesh for them using Gmsh?
> Btw, creating a Box in Salome and have Gmsh create a 3D mesh for  
> this box works fine.
> Thanks
> Jan
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