[Gmsh] surface reparametrization examples

Pierre JUILLARD pierre.juillard at gmail.com
Thu Jul 22 13:27:47 CEST 2010

Hi David,

Please, do you have any advices concerning this test case?
I understand that the problem may come from the *.msh file meshed with
- it is not a *.stl file
- it is not made of triangles

Do you think that this can be the origin of the error?
I thank you in advance for your advices.



2010/7/20 Pierre JUILLARD <pierre.juillard at gmail.com>

> with the files :-)
> Bests,
> Pierre
> 2010/7/20 Pierre JUILLARD <pierre.juillard at gmail.com>
> Dear David,
>> I thank you very much for your answer.
>> Yes, I saw this quite very interesting tutorial and now have a deeper look
>> on it.
>> * Please, would you give us an advice about the difference between
>> Harmonic or Conformal mapping in terms maybe of quality and speed? OR in
>> which kind of cases one is better suited than the other.
>> * Also, the examples provided are all for stl meshes.
>> I tried with a quad mesh saved in a *.msh format (the same than I just
>> posted a while ago), and the message console tells me there is a syntax
>> error at line 6 of my *.geo file containing the remeshing commands.
>> However, I am completely unable to find it...
>> Please do you see what is wrong with these test files?
>> * Finally, I have a last question: if I understand well, thelogic for
>> remeshing is to reparametrize a surface before recreating a mesh. Does it
>> mean that the 'new' mesh is realized on a kind of 'B-spline surfaces' (which
>> would be the reparametrized surface)?
>> If yes, is it possible to save this re-created surface in brep or step?
>> I thank you in advance for your advices and help.
>> Bests,
>> Pierre
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