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David Colignon David.Colignon at ulg.ac.be
Thu Jul 29 11:30:24 CEST 2010

On 29/07/10 09:05, Elvin Verdiyev wrote:

> Hello fellow Gmsh users!
> I'm new with Gmsh and trying to complete a simple procedure of meshing an impeller with complete volume, with no holes.
> Unfortunately, my meshing does not work properly for some reason.
> Here are my steps:
> 1. Open a new geo file :example.geo
> 2. File->Merge->Choose the STEP file **provided in the attachment**
> 3. Elementary Entities ->Add->New->Volume
> 4. Click on the impeller, and it turns ALL red, no holes, so I press 'e'->'q'
> 5. Check the options: Tools->Options->Geometry: Include "sew faces"
> 6. Check the options: Tools->Options->Mesh: Check Frontal, None, 1,1.00,0,1e+022,2......Also under Mesh Advanced include
> 'optimize the quality of tetrahedra'
> Press Mesh-> 3D and I get a very not dense meshing and the manual says I will get dense mesh( File: according to manual)
> which I can further process with calculix, translate to inp file, then include measurements of the impeller, then run
> the inp file, and then do the post processing.
> All files are included above, and any help or hint is appreciated. If you need any further info, I can send more pictures.
> Thanks in advance and hope to hear from you guys soon!

Hi Elvin,

just launch Gmsh, and Merge your .stp file. Then with Tools->Visibility you can see that the volume was already defined 
in the .stp file and has been recognized by Gmsh. No need to Elementary Entities ->Add->New->Volume  etc.

Go to Tools->Options->Mesh->General and in "Element size factor" put a value lower than 0.3 instead of the default 1.0

Hit "3" or F3 to mesh your impeller. It should works...



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