[Gmsh] question on partitioning

Umut Tabak u.tabak at tudelft.nl
Fri Aug 20 16:41:21 CEST 2010

Dear all,

I have two model formed by quad elements, this model is an ansys model 
originally that I would like to do some partitioning on the mesh 
structure and export some related system matrices from the Ansys binary 
files. However there is sth strange(or I do sth strange.), the original 
mesh file written out of Ansys is 'model.msh' and the partitioned mesh 
file is given 'modelParts.msh' in the attachments. In the partitioned 
mesh file there are some line elements that are not in the original mesh 
file. I could first not understand this fact, this is the question #1.

The second question is that the element numbering in the partitioned 
mesh has also changed which I would like that to be changed, am missing 
sth about the partitioning theory(on which I am not good at). Can 
someone clarify this issue for me. You can also try to partition the 
'model.msh' to see the output of the operation yourself.

I do some kind of a special operation to make the mesh in Ansys and Gmsh 
the same(in ordering sense), because elements are reordered in Ansys and 
the native order should be kept. So looking at the 'model.msh' file, the 
elements are not written in the usual indexing as from 1 to nelm, but 
with a mixed order, so is this the source of the change in the 
partitioned output? I am confused at this point.

P.s. I used Chaco Multilevel-K with 3 partitions.

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