[Gmsh] Double surfaces after STEP import

Mark van Doesburg mark.van.doesburg at technolution.nl
Mon Sep 13 09:58:27 CEST 2010

Hello Matthias,

I worked on that code and consider it a complete faillure. In many
cases the OpenCASCADE algorithms would not find the intersections. The
initial version was quite simple but at some point I started to stack
one workaround on top of the other.

Currently I do not have the time to work on another method, but some
algorithms available in CGAL look promising. But in that case I would
probably use BRL-CAD to generate the geometry, and importing STEP into
BRL-CAD might be sub-optimal.



"Zenker, Dr. Matthias" <Matthias.Zenker at erbe-med.de> wrote:


	I have not done FEM calculations for some time (a year or so). The last
	time I did them (using gmsh and Elmer), I had the problem that in
	geometries imported as STEP files (generated by Solidworks), adjacent
	bodies have their own external surface, resulting in double surfaces at
	the interfaces. When I use the mesh generated by gmsh in a FEM
	calculation (I use Elmer), I get no thermal and electrical connection
	because the body meshes are not connected at the interface. There have
	been attempts to clean up double surfaces in gmsh, but I don't know if
	they have come to a success. Could someone of the developpers update me
	on this point?

	Thank you!


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