[Gmsh] Adaptive meshing with background mesh

Martin Vymazal martin.vymazal at vki.ac.be
Thu Sep 16 21:01:56 CEST 2010


I made a mistake while creating the ParabolicProfile.pos attached to  
my previous post. I defined the parabolic function and then I applied  
the 'warp' plugin, which was not a good idea. Warping results in a 3D  
surface with nonzero z-coordinates and meshing a plane disc with this  
surface as background mesh generates the error messages about 'No  
element found containing point ...'

Unfortunately, gmsh still ignores the characteristic lengths set in  
the *.pos file and meshes the circle with uniform mesh. Does anyone  
have the same problem as me? I'm stuck since I'd like to make some  
locally adapted 3D meshes and this feature seems to be broken even in  

Best regards,

    Martin Vymazal

Quoting Martin Vymazal <martin.vymazal at vki.ac.be>:

> Dear gmsh users,
>  I created a simple geo file defining a unit circle. I would like to  
>  mesh this circle using a background mesh which contains function   
> values of a scalar function 0.2*(1.0-x^2-y^2) + 0.05 on the same   
> domain (unit circle). When I run gmsh, I get a lot of errors  
> messages  of the form
>   'No element found containing point (-0.245823,-0.932683,0)'
> The resulting mesh seems to be more or less uniform as if the   
> background mesh was completely ignored. I attached my files to this   
> email. Does anyone know what am I doing wrong? Thank you for any help.
> Best regards,
>    Martin Vymazal
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