[Gmsh] question 2

Rafael Cortes serginho_cortes at yahoo.com.br
Wed Oct 6 03:22:33 CEST 2010

Thank you for your attention

I have 61 files of pressure fields, and each one is a pressure scale. Among the 
61 files have to capture the lowest pressure and highest pressure and 
standardize all 61 scales, ie scales ranging from 61 min value max value was 
I'm doing it file by file, or each file do the reading of the minimum and 
maximum values, put them on a table and then choose the lowest of all and the 
greatest of all. And I still have to open each file and format the 61 scales for 
the chosen values. You are giving a lot of work. P format is not giving the 61 
files at once. Is there a way to read the gmsh 61 files at once and capture the 
lowest and highest pressure value of them all and then standardize the pressure 
scale for all at once?

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