[Gmsh] Question on 3D hex mesh

mirzaee mirzaee at cs.utah.edu
Fri Oct 8 12:06:28 CEST 2010


I am trying to use Gmsh to produce a structured hexahedral mesh on a
simple cubical domain. I've been able to do so using the extrude commands

Point(1) = {0,0,0,lc};
Extrude {1,0,0} {
  Point{1}; Layers{N};
Extrude {0,1,0} {
  Line{1}; Layers{N}; Recombine;
Extrude {0,0,1} {
  Surface{5}; Layers{N}; Recombine;

However, in the result mesh I would like the parallel edges in the domain
to have the same orientation. For example all of horizontal edges start
from left point and end at right point. Is there a way to do that
automatically in Gmsh?