[Gmsh] Define physical groups in CAD file

Hansen Michael Michael.Hansen at andritz.com
Tue Nov 16 12:28:46 CET 2010

Hello Sam,
I am doing an automatic calculation program, which uses GMSH as a
mesher. This choice was driven by the necessity of keeping a track of
each previously named selection. I import .stp files with named surfaces
and edges. I don't thinck there is a way to view these names directly in
GMSH, but the order of the elements (ADVANCED_FACE and VERTEX_POINT) in
the .stp file are maintained in the GMSH numbering. I wrote a small
script to translate the names of the .stp file into the GMSH numbering
and write the GMSH script file (.geo).
This only works if the geometry repair options are disabled
(Geometery.Autocoherence, .OCCFixSmallEdges, .OCCFixSmallFaces,
.OCCSewFaces, .OCCConnectFaces =0), otherwise the numbering might be
automatically changed by GMSH.
This isn't very sexy, but Salome doesn't even alow this for example (AND
GMSH's meshing is great and easy).
Good luck,

From: Wai Sam Wong [mailto:anthropoy at gmail.com] 
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Subject: [Gmsh] Define physical groups in CAD file

Hi there,  

Does anyone know how to add boundary conditions information into CAD
files, e.g. .stp, .igs or .brep, for example using opencascade or
salome? So that this will ease the setting of boundary conditions in
gmsh itself after importing the CAD models. Thanks!

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