[Gmsh] BUG : geometrical tolerance in GUI & named .stp import

Hansen Michael Michael.Hansen at andritz.com
Thu Nov 18 15:30:57 CET 2010

I import .stp files with named selections to automize the meshing and
physical element definition. This is possible as the surface, line and
point order in the STEP file is same as in GMSH. I nevertheless had a
problem of small loop lines beeing created by GMSH and which disabled
the line index tracking (very annoying).
Now the BUG : in the GUI, when putting the Geometrical tolerance higher
than the problematic line size and than importing the .stp file, the
lines are still present (reason why I searched so long). On the other
hand, when defining the "-tol" command-line option to the same value,
the problematic lines disappear in GMSH :-) !
As I know other people try to automate this import, here are my
important steps :
#id=ADVANCED_FACE('name',(#child), ...);      <=>    Surface id-k1
#id=EDGE_CURVE('name',#child, ...);            <=>    Line id-k2
#id=VERTEX_POINT('name',#child);        <=> Point id-k3
Have to disable Geometry repair options, otherwise the numbering might
Have to difine the geometry tolerance (probably same as cad program
tolerance) with command line option : -tol
Have fun with GMSH ; I am !

Meilleures salutations / Best regards


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