[Gmsh] Creating invalid 3d-mesh

Alexis Blasselle alexis.blasselle at gmail.com
Wed Nov 24 10:40:42 CET 2010

Hi everybody,

here is my problem: with the attached geometry, I create a 3d-mesh, with the
last version of Gmsh, running on my Mac 10.6.4.
I save it as a .mesh (Medit Inria Mesh), and when I simply open it with
FreeFem++ (Free Finite Element Software), with the command

mesh3 Th3 = readmesh3("maillage.mesh");

I have the following error message: Assertion fail : (kerr==0)
    line :712, in file ../femlib/GenericMesh.hpp

which means that one or several points of the mesh do(es) not belong to any
What is more strange is that this error message does not appear on older
version of Mac Os X (with the exact same mesh).

Do you know why this mesh is not valid, and how could I correct it ?

I thank you in advance for your answer, and wish you all a good day,

Best regards,

Alexis Blasselle

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