[Gmsh] Entity numbering in merged file

Martin Vymazal martin.vymazal at vki.ac.be
Thu Nov 25 01:08:52 CET 2010

Dear gmsh developers,

  I have 2 separate msh files which I'd like to merge into one. The  
problem is that certain parts of the mesh in file1.msh and file2.msh  
have the same elementary numbers. I put this in merge.geo:

Merge "file1.msh";
Merge "file2.msh";

merged.msh contains both meshes combined, but the mesh regions which  
had identical numbers in file1 and file2 have the same (one) number in  
merge.msh and I cannot distinguish them.
   I tried to assign distinct physical tags to the problematic mesh  
regions, but it didn't help. Is there a way of merging the two mesh  
parts and preserving unique elementary entity tags? Thank you.

  Best regards,

   Martin Vymazal

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