[Gmsh] ask for help-From MQ univertity, Au

Yu Zhang yu.zhang at mq.edu.au
Fri Nov 26 01:16:36 CET 2010

Dear Miss/Mr.

I am just a beginner of using Gmesh.

I used to use Ansys to import STL file, generate mesh and do CFD work. I am
wondering if Gmesh can generate mesh from STL file? I searched from
internet, and got an answer that I need to merge a STL file to a GEO file.
But I do not know, where I should put those lines


Merge "artery.stl";”

Should I put those lines following the endline of the STL file?

I downloaded ‘artery.stl’from gmesh wiki,but when I open it using
Gmesh-geometry-edit, unknown code comes up. When I try my own STL file, the
‘edit’ shows a file format like that


Facet normal …..

Outer loop

  Vertex …..





However, after I put merge command at the end of this file and reload it,
nothing happens, no geo file comes. Could you please tell me what I should
do? Appreciate.

By the way, I am using windows version.

Yours sincerely

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