[Gmsh] Suggestions for gmsh

Christophe Geuzaine cgeuzaine at ulg.ac.be
Sun Nov 28 14:27:27 CET 2010

On 28/11/10 13:44, renaud.sizaire at ferespost.be wrote:

>  > Would it be possible to do that ?
>  >>> Just save "point" elements in the .msh file?
> Right. I agree it works. But the, it obliges you to modify the mesh each
> time you visualize another result. I do not think it is the right way to
> do it. If my mesh represents a structure, I do not want it to be changed
> each time I visualize another result. In Nastran, "point elements" are
> sometimes used ; for example, CONM2 elements (concentrated masses). But
> these elements are not defined to visualize results.
> I think the file format you propose in GMSH isperfectly correct. What is
> missing is the possibility to visualize values "on a nodal basis". For
> example, if a devine a scalar or vectorial value _on a single node_, I
> would like to be able to view it with GMSH (as a colored sphere, or as
> an arrox). I think that it is so far not possible, and I am sorry for that.
> Renaud.

Ok, I see.

Something that works mostly like what you want is the "Element boundary 
mode" option in the Visibility tab. It allows to draw one glyph per 
vertex (if you select "Dimension-2" in 2D for example). However, since 
we still draw "element by element", if you don't define values for all 
the nodes in an element, this element will be skipped (as it is not 
fully defined)...

Prof. Christophe Geuzaine
University of Liege, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science