[Gmsh] combine two different msh-file in one window

Mikhail Titov mlt at gmx.us
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Why would you like to visualize results in a single GMSH window? You can
visualize each result independently using the same value range to get the
same color scales and then stack images together.


I doubt that you can interpolate results between time steps with GMSH. I’d
adjust solver’s time stepping such that you get an output at least every
second/minute/hour/whatever or just at certain check points for both objects
so your solver won’t step over.


If you really want to see both objects in a single GMSH window, I’d use
something like perl to combine both mesh files section by section. Once you
know number of nodes and elements in the first file, you can apply necessary
offsets to those from the second file.


Alternatively, you may consider adjusting your solver and dealing with both
volume. You can still distinguish internally between them by using numerous
tags for elements.




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Dear GMSH community.


Help me, please.


May I combine and view two different *.msh-files with my post-processing
results in one GMSH-window?

This *.msh-files contains mesh, which correspond 2 different contacting
volumes of one large geometrical area.

Post-processing result in this *.msh-files contains different time-step’s
results (but end time is equal) and different range of value  of output


If yes, May I use only GMSH-interface commands or I must to write some
script ?


Thanks for your reply.


Zakharov Andrey

PhD student





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